Beneath the Queen City

  • Game Description – After the great plague caused by genetically altered tomatoes, the human race declined and the supernatural community came out of hiding. Werewolves, vampires, gnomes, elves, witches and other supernaturals mingle amongst the human population. Welcome to the downtrodden world of Cincinnati’s poor, where altered states of being are the norm and nothing is what is seems. Can you survive in the tunnels or will you meet your demise? A BYOV Paranormal Phenomena – problem solving and role playing stressed.
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  • Thursday, August 17th, 12pm-4pm, Lincoln Room, Union Station


Tentative character list –

  • Tawny Louise – 8 – African American orphan with a deep southern accent (Thinks she was born in Loseeanna)
  • Reverend Jack – 50’s – A smooth talking African American. Preaches sin and hellfire. Tries to be the protector of the orphans and community.
  • Wichita – 65 – White-bread, farm kid born in Kansas. Thinks he’s lost in hell. Viet Nam Vet Navy Corpsman at 17, bagged bodies while in Nam in a MASH Unit. Got off the bus in Cincinnati in 1969 and has been drunk ever since.
  • Chi-chi (Javier Domingo Rodriguez) – 14 – unwanted child of a Dominican gangbanger father and heroin using mother.. Ran away and lives by stealing, begging and hustling. He’s everyone’s best friend.
  • Cheech – 22 – (Juan Pedro Vasquez) – Illegal Mexican gangbanger (Maniac Latino’s) on the lam from the police and his gang. Wrongly blamed for being a rat. Wanted for heroin dealing in Dayton, Ohio. Strictly small time. Tires to be an enforcer for the community.
  • Calhoun Reed – 60’s – Homeless depressed African American. Has visions.
  • Chili Davis – 45 – Former owner of a Skyline Chili Franchise. Claims he invented their chili recipe. Lost everything on the stock market.
  • Whiskey – 30’s – Disheveled blonde female meth addict. Will do anything for drugs or alcohol.
  • Shamus O’Hurley – 70’s- A oui sprite of a man. Claims he was a jockey.
  • Nellie Mama – 60’s – White haired portly self proclaimed, “Jamaican woman of color”. The heart and soul of the community.
  • “Doc” Saunders – 40’s – An actual doctor who’s license was revoked. (Illegal distribution of controlled substances). A user, a drinker. But still a skilled healer.
  • KoKo – late 20’s – Former model and actress gone in hiding from abusive boyfriend.
  • Chloe Hatfield- 16 – From rural Kentucky, got dropped off with her sister in SinCity by her step father who ‘don’t want another’s man brats’ underfoot. Left on the street with $1.00 and the clothes on her back, 6 months ago.
  • Cali Hatfield – 10 – Chloe’s little sister. Terrified of her own shadow. Constantly at her sisters heels.
  • Candi Martinez – 19 – Hip Puerto Rican chica. Will do anything for a dollar. Sober. Hiding from her abusive gang banger boyfriend.
  • Cookie – 45 – Former suburban housewife whose family was killed in an accident. Lost her mind through grief, became homeless and know has a new family. She is the community cook and den mother. Everyone is one of her babies. Always has a cookie for everyone.
  • Bronco Gorowski- 50 – Former pro football offensive lineman suffering from brain damage. Wandered into the tunnels after living on the street for a few years. Truly happy and willing to help everyone who is good and wont hurt him. A gentle giant.
  • Su Li – 17 – Chinese American runaway. Works the streets
  • Shakira Smith – 16 – African American runaway. Works the streets, will shiv you sooner that talk to you.
  • Tim – 50 – 3’-0 tall.
  • Missy – 11 – Just arrived in the tunnels a few days ago. A run away.
  • El Gwappo (Pedro Garcia) – 16 – A hispanic street tough kicked out by his step dad (who he cut up badly with a broken tequila bottle) Wanted by the Latino Mean Machine.
  • Marie Dawn – 18 – Unwed mother and her 16 week old baby. Won’t talk about her past. A mystery. Gave birth in subway.
  • Pinky – 13 – Gum smacking, wise ass, petite pink haired, nose pierced mini skirt wearing con artist teenage girl.
  • Michael Jackson Jones III – 11 – (called BOOM BOOM because of his love of explosions and fireworks or Thriller because of his dance moves) A Fedora wearing young thief and pickpocket. Break dances, breaks and enters. A true hustler.
  • Gemma Masters – 8 – Says she was abandoned by her parents and saved by Reverend Jack.


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