Gen Con 2012

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BYOV: Gen Con 2012



Our live-action games are incredibly user-friendly and beginner-friendly. These are not games that last for days with obscure rules and steep learning curves. A BYOV live-action game is improv acting, wth goals. We do not require costuming of any kind, although we do encourage and appreciate it (and occasionally make the effort ourselves).

If you think you 'know what LARPing is', and you don't like it, think again. This is just role-playing, pure and simple, without dice, while walking around a room.

Be sure to check out our LARP Rules and Guidelines and our Official Disclaimer if you haven't played in our games before.

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We also offer an assortment of Pathfinder and D&D tabletop games at Gen Con--classic RPG gaming for the tabletop lovers. They sell out fast, so we would recommend getting in early during Pre-Registration.

Many of the 2012 Gencon D&D Tabletops will be 4th edition D&D and focus on Fourthcore gameplay, inspired by challenging modules like Tomb of Horrors and Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan!

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Written by Tom