The Curse of Edward Hannigan

  • Game Description – New York, 1936. The Great Depression. Edward Hannigan–gentleman thief, itinerant rogue, and collector of strange antiquities–is dead. Dead and buried beneath the dust and grief of Oklahoma, those long months ago. His family returned to their homes, to their plotting and secrets. But his is not the only loss the family has suffered. Others have died in the months since, and rumors abound. Is his spirit seeking vengeance against those who might have sought his demise? Here in New York City, at the site of his final treasure stash, amidst a record-setting heat wave, in the middle of the threats of gangs and the promises of politicians, in a place they call ‘Five Points’…can you find what you are seeking? Costumes encouraged but not required. Game sold out? Hit us up online anyway, or just show up!
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  • Friday, August 18th, 1pm-5pm, Lincoln Room, Union Station


The Locals

  • Cornelia Stewart-Smythe – She and her family moved to New York City after her cousin Edward’s funeral last year.
  • Agnes Stewart-Smythe – Daughter of Cornelia.
  • Jean-Philippe Stewart-Smythe – Twin son of Cornelia.
  • Jean-Andre’ Stewart-Smythe – Twin son of Cornelia.
  • Clarence Blusterton – Hannigan’s Lawyer and executor of his estate.
  • Jimmy Hines ‡ – Former Tammany Hall boss, recently appointed by FDR to head the Federal Civil Service system for the Manhattan
    district. Less powerful locally with the decline of Tammany, but still has a lot of pull in the city.
  • Song Lee – A well-respected elderly woman who owns significant real estate in Chinatown.
  • Lee Toy ‡ – Ms. Lee’s dauntingly large nephew.
  • Cirro Terranova – ‘The Artichoke King’, one-time underboss to the Morello family, he rose to power and wealth in the illegal
    artichoke trade. His fortunes may be changing since Mayor LaGuardia recently decriminalized the industry.
  • Sai Wing Mock – A well-dressed young man, he flashes a lot of money around.
  • John Vassall † – An art historian and recent graduate of Columbia University on an academic scholarship.
  • Susan Quan ‡ – A serious young woman dressed all in black (except for her white socks), she moves like a cat on high alert.
  • Salvatore Luciana – Owns an import/export business.
  • Egg Shen ‡ – An odd little man who runs an apothecary in Chinatown.
  • Charles Parkhurst † – The clergyman and social reformer who helped topple Tammany Hall. He nearly died two years ago in a
    sleepwalking mishap, but has recovered admirably for a man in his 90s. Still sharp and alert.
  • Langston Hughes – Poet, fiction writer, and social critic. His recent short story collection The Ways of White Folks caused a stir, but won him a Guggenheim Fellowship.
  • Annemieke – A hotel maid.
  • Steve Brodie ‡ – A traveler in his early 20’s staying at the hotel. Frequents the pubs and tells great stories. 


The Out of Towners

  • Walter F. Daly – The Sheriff of Comanche County, Oklahoma, and cousin to the late Edward Hannigan.
  • Maria Daly – An educated young woman with a quick tongue, cousin to Edward Hannigan and traveling with cousin Walter F. Daly.
  • Emma Tenayuca † – A fiery young woman with no patience for fools. Traveling companion to Walter and Maria Daly.
  • Draguta Dragescu – Recently inherited ownership of The Dragescu Traveling Show of Rarities and the Bizarre when her mother passed. Cousin of Edward Hannigan.
  • Jimmy O’Dea – The new Ringmaster for the Dragescu Show. Although he is a little person, he has a huge personality.
  • Abner Lee Bates Jr. – Dragescu’s strongman, son of Draguta.
  • Zinnia Bell – Fortune teller, Abner Lee Jr’s wife.
  • Jim Willie Korzha – Head clown for the Dragescu show, nephew of Draguta. Goes by the stage name of Captain Howdy.
  • Jimmy Jones ‡ – A traveling salesman with a truck of odd goods for sale.
  • Dorothy Cooper – A seller of musical instruments and typewriters.
  • Woody Guthrie – A farmer’s son from Oklahoma, the Dust Bowl pushed him into roaming. An aspiring musician and a bit of a hobo.
  • Mallory Nastazo – New to town, a performer and dancer at one of the night clubs.
  • Klaus von Reichenberg ‡ – A member of the Canadian Embassy.


† This character may be challenging to play.

‡ This character may be an NPC if we are short of players.


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