Thomas and Nikola: The End of Steam

Edison, Tesla, and Steampunk!

  • Game Description – Chicago, 1893. They are calling it the Columbian Exposition, celebrating 400 years of Europeans in the New World. But most everyone knows it as the World’s Fair, held this year in the grand metropolis of Chicago. All the wonders of the modern world will be there–massive steam engines, amazing automatons, inventors galore. And the dawn of the age of electricity, brought to you by none other than masters Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Come marvel at the wonders, gaze upon the stupendous, be amazed by the fantastic. Surely nothing could mar an event as grand as this. A BYOV Adventure. Costumes encouraged but not required. Game sold out? Hit us up online anyway, or just show up!
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  • Gen Con 2018! Time and Location TDB


Cast List

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‡ This character may be an NPC if we are short of players.


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